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 +====== PreSca ======
 +PreSca is an easy-to-use tool for extrapolating the scalability of in-memory
 +applications. It is designed to perform a simple, yet important task: given
 +an application on a small machine with a handful of cores, it extrapolates
 +its performance to a larger machine with more cores. PreSca uses stalled cycles,
 +both from hardware and software, reported by the application and runtime libraries.
 +It automates the measurement and extrapolation process, requiring minimum input from
 +the user.
 +===== Publications =====
 +  * **Pending**
 +===== Software =====
 +  * **PreSca**: The scalability prediction tool. Currently under review: please email [[georgios.chatzopoulos@epfl.ch]] for more info.
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