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POST-DOC POSITIONS are now closed !!!

In the context of Web-Alter-Ego, a new project just awarded by Google to INRIA (ASAP team in Rennes) and EPFL (LPD team in Lausanne), post-doc positions in distributed computing and distributed systems are available for several years.

Web-Alter-Ego addresses the problem of extracting the alter-egos of a Web user, namely profiles of like-minded users who share similar interests, across various Internet-oriented applications, in real time and in the presence of high dynamics. Beyond their intrinsic social interest, the profiles of alter-egos of a user are crucial to identify a personalized slice of the Internet that can be leveraged to personalize the Web navigation of that user, from recommendation to browsing and search. More specifically, the aim of the project is to design and formalize a generic architecture of a Web-Alter-Ego service that can run on various devices and use, as well be used for, various web applications. The challenges underlying identifying Web-Alter-Egos include privacy and scalability.