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Master Projects

DCL offers master projects in the following areas:

  • Probabilistic Byzantine Resilience: Development of high-performance, Byzantine-resilient distributed systems with provable probabilistic guarantees. Two options are currently available, both building on previous work on probabilistic Byzantine broadcast: (i) a theoretical project, focused the correctness of probabilistic Byzantine-tolerant distributed algorithms; (ii) a practical project, focused on numerically evaluating of our theoretical results. Please contact Matteo Monti to get more information.
  • Dynamically Distributed Spatial Indexing: a project here would consist in studying existing spatial index data structures and algorithms, e.g., simple grids, Quadtrees, R-Trees etc., and how they may be dynamically distributed for indexing a large number of moving objects; please contact Benoit Garbinato to get more information.
  • Multicore computing: a project here would consist for instance in designing and implementing efficient lock-based or lock-free shared objects; please contact Igor Zablotchi to get more information.
  • Distributed computing using RDMA and/or NVRAM: contact Igor Zablotchi for more information.
  • Distributed and Fault-tolerant algorithms: projects here would consist in designing failure detection mechanisms suited for large-scale systems, real-time systems, and systems with unreliable communication or partial synchrony. This task also involves implementing, evaluating, and simulating the performance of the developed mechanisms to verify the achievable guarantees; please contact David Kozhaya to get more information.
  • Consistency in global-scale storage systems: We offer several projects in the context of storage systems, ranging from implementation of social applications (similar to Retwis, or ShareJS) to recommender systems, static content storage services (à la Facebook's Haystack), or experimenting with well-known cloud serving benchmarks (such as YCSB); please contact Adrian Seredinschi for further information.
  • Distributed database algorithms: a project here would consist in implementing and evaluating protocols that are running in today's database systems, e.g., 2PC, and comparing them with those protocols that can potentially be used in future database systems; please contact Jingjing Wang to get more information.

Semester Projects

If the subject of a Master Project interests you as a Semester Project, please contact the supervisor of the Master Project to see if it can be considered for a Semester Project.

EPFL I&C duration, credits and workload information are available here. Don't hesitate to contact the project supervisor if you want to complete your Semester Project outside the regular semester period.