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 +====== SSYNC ======
 +SSYNC is a cross-platform synchronization suite; it works on x86_64, SPARC, and Tilera processors. SSYNC contains //​libslock//,​ a library that abstracts lock algorithms behind a common interface and //​libssmp//,​ a library with fine-tuned implementations of message passing for each of the supported platforms. SSYNC also includes microbenchmarks for measuring the latencies of the cache coherence, the locks, and the message passing, as well as //ssht//, i.e., a cache efficient hash table and TM2C, i.e., a highly portable transactional memory.
 +===== Publications =====
 +**Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Synchronization but Were Afraid to Ask**, [[http://​dl.acm.org/​citation.cfm?​id=2517349.2522714&​coll=DL&​dl=GUIDE|link]]\\
 +Tudor David, Rachid Guerraoui, Vasileios Trigonakis (alphabetical order).\\
 +//Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, PA, November 3-6, 2013//
 +===== Software =====
 +  * **ccbench**:​ a tool for measuring the latencies of the hardware cache-coherence protocol ([[ccbench|here]])
 +  * **libslock**:​ provides cross-platform implementations of various locking algorithms; in addition, provides a common cross-platform interface to atomic operations and other common functions, as well as benchmarks for locks and atomic ops, available [[https://​github.com/​tudordavid/​libslock|here]] .
 +  * **libssmp**:​ a message passing library optimized for x86, SPARC, and Tilera platforms ([[ssmp|here]])
 +  * **TM2C**: the first software **T**ransactional **M**emory for **M**any-**C**ores ([[tm2c|here]])
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