[CS-453] Concurrent Algorithms

2021, autumn semester. Master course.
This course is independent from the course Distributed Algorithms.

Prerequisites ICC, Operating Systems
Recommendations Algorithms, concurrency

Presentation of the course: YouTube

Textbook: Algorithms for Concurrent Systems

General information:

  • Exercises are made available on the course webpage.
  • Exercises are not graded and do not count towards the final grade. However, solving the exercises will help you prepare for the final exam.
  • Solutions to the exercises will be available on the course webpage one week after the exercises were given.
  • The project consists in implementing a Software Transactional Memory (STM).
  • There is one single deadline at the very end of the course; but start as early as possible.
  • The final exam and the midterm will be written and without books or any other material. Only the final exam is graded, the midterm is for training purposes only.


  • Important: In September 2021, everything (lecture, exercise and project sessions) will be held only on Zoom !
  • Starting October 4th 2021, all sessions will start being held in person.

A course page is also available on Moodle. We encourage students to register on Moodle, in order to get all the course announcements by email. Students can use Moodle to ask questions about the exercise sessions and/or the project.

Dates and schedule

The link for Zoom is available on Moodle.

What When Where
Course lectures Monday 8:15-10:00 INM 202 and Zoom
Project sessions Tuesday 13:15-15:00 SG 0211 and Zoom
Exercise sessions Tuesday 15:15-16:00 SG 0211 and Zoom

What When Where
Midterm exam (not graded) TBA TBA
Final exam TBA TBA
Project deadline TBA N/A

Important: In September 2021, courses will be given only on Zoom ! 

Teaching team

Slides and exercises

Lecture Slides Exercises Videos


Past exams

Year Midterm Exam

Auxiliary documents

Lecture notes

  • Registers, Ivan Kviatkevitch pdf
  • Writing while reading and Tromp's algorithm, Laurent Bindschaedler pdf
  • Consensus with timing assumptions, Utkarsh Upadhyay pdf
  • Computing with anonymous processes, Shabnam Ataee pdf
  • Object Implementation out of faulty base objects, Shabnam Ataee pdf
  • Set Agreement, Mihailo Velimirovic pdf
  • The Power and Limitations of Registers, Ruben Braojos pdf