[CS-453] Concurrent Computing

2023, autumn semester. Master course.
This course is independent from the course Distributed Algorithms.

Prerequisites ICC, Operating Systems
Recommendations Algorithms, concurrency

Presentation of the course: YouTube

Textbook: Algorithms for Concurrent Systems

General information: The course page is available on Moodle. We encourage students to register on Moodle, in order to get all the course announcements by email. Students can use Moodle to ask questions about the exercise sessions and/or the project.


Previous year recordings (2020)

Warning! Some of those videos might be outdated! Following them instead of the actual lectures is at your own risk.

Week(s) Lecture Slides Exercises Videos
1 No class No lecture No exercises
2 Introduction PDF, video No exercises
3 Project Introduction PDF No exercises
4 Registers PDF, video1 i, ii, iii
5 Registers video2
6 Registers video3
7 The Power of Registers PDF, video i, ii
8 The Limitations of Registers PDF, video i, ii
9 Universal Constructions PDF, video i, ii
10 Implementing Consensus with Timing Assumptions PDF, video i, ii
11 Anonymous Processes PDF, paper, video
12 Transactional Memory PDF, video
13 Why lock-free synchronization? (Aleksandar Dragojevic) video
14 Concurrent programming: From theory to practice PDF, video