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 +===== Lee-TM =====
 +is an STM benchmark that offers longer, realistic
 +workloads and is based on Lee's circuit routing algorithm. The
 +algorithm takes pairs of points (e.g. on an integraged circuit) as
 +its input and produces a non-intersecting routes between them. We
 +helped with development of RSTM, TL2 and TinySTM versions of Lee-TM
 +The following files are available for download:
 +  *  {{lee_wlpdstm_20090910.tgz|2009-09-10}}
 +Older versions:
 +  * 2008-11-17 ​ {{lee_tm_20081117.tgz}}
 +  * Object based SwissTM [[http://​intranet.cs.man.ac.uk/​apt/​projects/​TM/​LeeBenchmark/​|Lee-TM]] source: {{lee_tm_swisstm_20080611.tgz}}
 +  * Word based SwissTM [[http://​intranet.cs.man.ac.uk/​apt/​projects/​TM/​LeeBenchmark/​|Lee-TM]] source: {{lee_tm_wlpdstm_20060611.tgz}}
 +Other versions can be downloaded from [[http://​intranet.cs.man.ac.uk/​apt/​projects/​TM/​LeeBenchmark/​|here]].
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