An Integrated Approach to TM on Multi-/Many-core

We currently participate in the VELOX European Project that aims at providing an integrated Approach to Transactional Memory on Multi- and Many-core Computers. The general objective of Velox is to build an integrated hardware/software TM stack (i) to develop new and convert existing applications into real-world TM-based applications that scale easily with the number of cores, (ii) to optimize software and hardware TM-mechanisms using real-world workloads, and (iii) to address unexpected but potential show stoppers for TM deployment.

Here are some of our contributions to the project:

  1. Elastic transaction, a new transaction model to design highly concurrent TMs;
  2. STMBench7, a realistic macro-benchmark based on OO7;
  3. Microbench, a micro-benchmarks suite to evaluate the performance of TM against lock-based and lock-free alternives on common data structures;
  4. Globulation2, an existing application that we have parallelized using transactions.

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