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-===== VELOX =====  +  * [[velox|VELOXAn Integrated Approach to Transactional Memory on Multi- and Many-core Computers]] 
-== An Integrated Approach to Transactional Memory on Multi- and Many-core Computers ​==+  * [[soos|S(o)OS:​ Service-oriented Operating Systems]] 
 +  * [[transform|TransForm:​ Theoretical Foundations of Transactional Memory]]
-We currently participate in the [[http://​www.velox-project.eu/​|VELOX European Project]] that aims at providing an integrated Approach to Transactional Memory on Multi- and Many-core Computers. ​ 
-The general objective of Velox is to build an integrated hardware/​software TM stack (i) to develop new and convert existing applications into real-world TM-based applications that scale easily with the number of cores, 
-(ii) to optimize software and hardware TM-mechanisms using real-world workloads, and (iii) to address unexpected but potential show stoppers for TM deployment. 
-== Related Publications == 
-Afek et al. (2010) 
-The VELOX Transactional Memory Stack 
-//IEEE Micro Special Issue - European Multicore Computing. IEEE MICRO 30(5):​76-87. // 
-Gramoli, V., Guerraoui, R., Letia, M. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​150438|Composition vs Concurrency]] 
-//2nd Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory (WTTM).// 
-Harmanci, D., Gramoli, V., Felber, P., Fetzer, C. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​150437|Extensible Transactional Memory Testbed]] 
-//Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing - Special Issue on Transactional Memory 70(2010)1053:​1067 ​ (JPDC).// 
-Dragojevic A., Felber P., Gramoli V., Guerraoui R. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​144052|Why STM can be more than a Research Toy.]] 
-//​Communications of the ACM (CACM).// 
-Gramoli, V., Harmanci, D., Felber, P. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​139006|On the Input Acceptance of Transactional Memory]] 
-//Parallel Processing Letters 20(1)31:50 (PPL).// 
-Dragojevic, A. and Guerraoui, R. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​148104|Predicting the Scalability of an STM: A Pragmatic Approach.]] 
-//5th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Transactional Computing (Transact).//​ 
-Barreto J., Dragojevic A., Ferreira P., Guerraoui R., Kapalka M. (2010) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​144050|Leveraging Parallel Nesting in Transactional Memory.]] 
-//​Proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Computing (PPoPP).// 
-Felber, P., Gramoli, V., Guerraoui, R. (2009) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​140819|Elastic Transactions.]] 
-//​Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposum on Distributed Computing (DISC).// 
-Dragojevic A., Guerraoui, R., and Kapalka, M. (2009) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​136702|Stretching Transactional Memory.]] 
-//​Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2009 Conference on Programming Languages Design and Implementation (PLDI).// 
-Harmanci, D., and Felber, P., Gramoli V. and Fetzer, C. (2009) 
-[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​131219|TMunit:​ Testing Transactional Memories.]] 
-//4th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Transactional Computing (Transact).//​ 
-Gramoli, V., Harmanci, D. and Felber P. (2008) 
-Toward a Theory of Input Acceptance for Transactional Memories.]] ​ 
-//​Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems (OPODIS).// 
-===== S(o)OS =====  
-== Service-oriented Operating Systems == 
-We have recently joined the [[http://​www.soos-project.eu/​|S(o)OS project]]. 
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