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 The following files are available for download: The following files are available for download:
-  * SwissTM, TinySTM and TinySTM ​STMBench7 source code: {{sb7_tt_20090910.tgz}}+  ​* Latest STMBench7-SwissTM code: {{:​sb7_tt-20110815.tar.gz|sb7-20110815}}. 
 +  ​* SwissTM ​(previous version), TinySTM and TL2 STMBench7 source code: {{sb7_tt_20090910.tgz}} 
 +Stripped down version that works with multiple platforms:​ 
 +  * [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​doc/​sw/​sb7_c++-v1.0.tar_.bz2|sb7_c++_20110302]] working with gcc, DTMC, PTLSim-ASF/​HyTM/​HTM from [[velox|VELOX]].
 Older versions: Older versions:
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