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 performance in more traditional microbenchmarks. performance in more traditional microbenchmarks.
-The following files are available for download: +The following files are available for download. 
-  * {{wlpdstm_20090910.tgz|2009-09-10}}+  * This is the latest version of SwissTM [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​dragojev/​swisstm/​wlpdstm-20110815.tgz|2011-08-15]]
 Older versions: Older versions:
 +  * 2009-09-10 {{wlpdstm_20090910.tgz|2009-09-10}}
   * 2008-11-19 {{wlpdstm_20081119.tgz}}   * 2008-11-19 {{wlpdstm_20081119.tgz}}
   * 2008-11-17 {{swisstm-w-20081117.tgz}}   * 2008-11-17 {{swisstm-w-20081117.tgz}}
-  * Object based source{{swisstm_20080531.tgz}} + 
-  * Word based source{{wlpdstm_20080611.tgz}}+==== Related Publications ==== 
 +Dragojevic A., Guerraoui, R., and Kapalka, M.. (2009) 
 +[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​136702|Stretching Transactional Memory.]] 
 +//​Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2009 Conference on Programming Languages Design and Implementation (PLDI).// 
 +Dragojevic A., Felber P., Gramoli V., Guerraoui R. (2011) 
 +[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​144052|Why STM can be more than a Research Toy.]] 
 +//​Communications of the ACM (CACM).//
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