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   * Transactions-based algorithms (e.g., speculation-friendly binary search tree).   * Transactions-based algorithms (e.g., speculation-friendly binary search tree).
-Synchrobench was formerly called [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​php/​microbench.php|microbench]]. ​ 
-The most recent version ​can be found at+Synchrobench is available online at [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​php/​synchrobench.php|synchrobench]]. 
 +Synchrobench was formerly called Microbench whose old versions ​can be found at [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​php/​microbench.php|microbench]].  
 +==== Related Publications ==== 
 +Crain T., Gramoli, V., Raynal, M. (2012) 
 +[[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​php/​pub_irisa_type.php?​ref=CGR12#​CGR12|A Speculation-Friendly Binary Search Tree.]] 
 +//​Proceedings of the 17th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP).//​ 
 +Dragojevic A., Felber P., Gramoli V., Guerraoui R. (2011) 
 +[[http://​infoscience.epfl.ch/​record/​144052|Why STM can be more than a Research Toy.]] 
 +//​Communications of the ACM (CACM).//
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