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-===== Globulation2 =====+===== STM-based ​Globulation2 =====
 +We have parallelized Globulation 2, an open source Real-Time Strategy game:
 +Globulation 2 is a "real application"​ that might differ in complexity  ​
 +and diversity from previous experiments with benchmarks like e.g.  ​
 +red-black trees. E.g. it uses STL (precompiled code) and has output  ​
 +with prints, so the whole issue of irrevocability becomes interesting.  ​
 +Video Games have been identified as applications that could greatly  ​
 +benefit from using STM with current and future multi-core computers.
 +The current STM-based version of Globulation2 integrates with the [[velox|VELOX]] stack: it compiles with DTMC compiler using LLVM-GCC. ​
 +STM-based Globulation v0.2 (17.02.2011): ​
 +  * source code [[http://​lpd.epfl.ch/​gramoli/​doc/​sw/​glob2-stm-v0.2]] ​
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