Selected Topics in Distributed Computing

2008, winter semester. Master course.

Prerequisites: none.

Note: this course is independent from the course Distributed Algorithms.


Last updated: January 18th, 2009

  • Added pdf version of the slides “Implementing registers”
  • Exercise 9 (anonymous implementations) added (with solution)
  • Exercise 6 updated (small correction to the solution)
  • Final exam from the last year: pdf
  • Information: the consultations before the exam are at the usual time, i.e., Friday from 11.00 to 12.00 (INR 313). Note that the last consultations before the exam are on January 16th :!:
  • Lecture slides and exercises are now complete
  • December 15th lecture slides available
  • Updated exercises 6 and 7
  • Updated exercises 2–5
  • Course slides (Introduction and Implementing Registers, Part 1) and exercises 1 and 2 updated
  • The preliminary version of the course web page has been set up. Note that lecture slides and/or course details might be updated later.

Dates and schedule

  • The course is given on Mondays, 9.15−11.00, in BC03
  • The exercises are given on Mondays, 11.15−12.00, in BC03

Teaching team

  • Professor: Rachid Guerraoui, office INR 310, web page
  • Postdoc: Seth Gilbert, office INR 311, web page
  • Assistants: Michal Kapalka, office INR 313, web page, Aleksandar Dragojevic, office INR 313, web page

Slides and exercises

Date Lecture Slides Exercises
September 15th Introduction ppt pdf
September 29th
October 6th
October 13th
Implementing Registers Part 1: ppt pdf
Part 2: ppt pdf
Exercise 1 (with solution): pdf
Exercise 2 (with solution): pdf
Exercise 3: pdf (*)
October 27th The Power of Registers ppt pdf Exercise 4: pdf, solution: pdf
November 3rd The Limitations of Registers ppt pdf Exercise 5 (with solution): pdf
November 10th Universal Constructions ppt pdf Exercise 6 (with solution): pdf
November 17th Implementing the Consensus Object with Timing Assumptions ppt pdf Exercise 7 (with solution): pdf
November 24th Object Implementation out of Faulty Base Objects ppt pdf Exercise 8: pdf, solution: pdf
November 24th Computing with Anonymous Processes ppt pdf Exercise 9 (with solution): pdf
December 1st Transactional Memory pdf
December 15th Implementing Registers Using Byzantine Objects ppt pdf Exam dry-run (with solutions): pdf

(*) Solution for Exercise 3: if you understand the lecture, you should know the answers.


Preliminary references (more will be added later):

Auxiliary documents:


Grades and Exam

The final exam will be written and closed-book. It will take place on 22.01.2009 (Thursday) at 14:15 in room CM1120.

Final exam from the last year: pdf